iTAS G.SHDSL.bis Dslam IPS-24E

دسلم G.SHDSL.bis iTAS

The IPS-24E SHDSL.bis EFM IP DSLAM utilizes standards-based IEEE 802.3-2004 technology.

It takes advantage of the latest technology opening up unprecedented possibilities for symmetric

transmission. The IPS-24E SHDSL.bis EFM IP DSLAM comes with EFM bonding and higher packet

transport that allows symmetric data rates of up to 5.69 Mbps, 11.38Mbps, 17.07Mbps, or

۲۲٫۷۶Mbps over standard 2-wire, 4-wire, 6-wire, or 8-wire telephone lines, respectively.

We also support ATM/EFM mode selectable.

   EFM bonding

       It allows the aggregation up to four physical DSL loops to one logical link. The loops can be removed/added to the group seamlessly. Speed Ratio of 4 between the fastest and slowest link of the group.

    Rate and Reach Improvements

       Symmetric transmission rate is up to 5.69 Mbps, 11.38Mbps, or 22.76Mbps over 2-wire, 4-wire, and 8-wire telephone line respectively.

    ۲-wire / 4-wire / 6-wire / 8-wire Mode selectable

       Offer a flexible rate options

    Easy Management

       Support SNMP, Web GUI, and CLI-based management.

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